Last updated July 10th, 2023

Objective Link to heading

Enter a position that uses my wide variety of skills to assist others and expand my experience.

Jobs Link to heading

February 2020 – October 2022: Facilities and Maintenance Staff Link to heading

  • Any tasks related to maintaining buildings, setting up for events and general cleanup.

June 2022 – Present: Lab Assistant/Educational Aid for Web Design & Development Link to heading

  • Maintaining computer labs
  • Tutoring students in the web design program
  • Assisting in class as needed

Computer Experience Link to heading

  • Good understanding of networking concepts
  • Solid understanding of computer hardware
  • Artistic and event photography, digital photo enhancement, and media presentations
  • Developing personal expense tracker
  • Volunteer Admin for Rock RMS (People management database)
  • Programming in Java, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, and Swift
  • Adept at troubleshooting and configuring Linux and macOS based systems
  • Fluent with Object-Oriented programing concepts

Key Skills Link to heading

  • Problem Solving
  • Computer Technology
  • Working with my hands
  • Teaching Others

Education Link to heading

  • High School Diploma - 6/30/19
  • Webucator Java Course
  • Shaw Academy Photoshop Course
  • Current student at Gwinnett Technical College – Majoring in Web Design & Development